3 Ways to Care for Your Private Art Collection

March 29, 2019


Check out these tips for taking care of your private art pieces.

While perusing the rooms and roaming the halls of a home, there’s one thing that always captures the attention of guests: art. In addition to art’s ability to elevate the decor of a space, it can also evoke feelings, memories, and moods. 

Due to the tremendous value of art, it’s important to ensure the pieces you invest in are being taken care of properly. Here are the top three ways that you can care for your private art collection.

1. Contact Art Professionals

Whether you’ve invested in costly art or pieces that have emotional value, it’s important to preserve the work properly. This feat can be managed with ease thanks to art professionals, including art consultants and conservators.

These qualified art experts can assist you with your art collection due to their distinguished experience and training.

An art consultant will help you determine which pieces of art to acquire for your home. So, when you’re eager to hang some new pieces but not sure where to start, an art consultant can point you in the right direction. Consultants will consider your personal taste and style when collaborating with galleries and collectors to find the perfect pieces to display in your house.

Once you’ve obtained your prized pieces, an art conservator will help you keep the work in tip-top shape. Conservators are able to help reverse previous damage and prevent any future deterioration. Establishing an early connection with a conservator can protect the artwork during transportation and installation as well.

In addition, these professionals may have extra resources to help you through your art journey. For example, while rotating your collection or storing pieces while moving, contact your art experts for recommendations.

2. Frame and Hang Your Art with Care

The next step to showcasing your art is by actually presenting the piece! You’ll need to frame and hang your collection with attention to detail in order to maintain its pristine condition. 

When framing, it’s essential to understand the difference between work on canvas versus on paper. Your framer will know the essential components of framing each type of work. Here’s an extra tip: be sure to confirm that the mounting materials and tapes are acid-free so they don’t stain the original pieces. 

In regard to hanging the artwork, you’ll want to ensure these three factors:
  • The piece is installed with proper hanging tools
  • There is no direct sunlight or harsh light hitting the art
  • The art is kept away from any sources of humidity

3. Keep a Record Book

Although it’s crucial to take care of the physical condition of your collection, proper documentation is another imperative step in preserving your art. Whether for insurance purposes, resale value, or simply understanding the history of your piece, be sure to have detailed documentation of your art collection. Some important facts to have on file include:
  • Photographs of the work
  • Date of creation
  • Ownership history or provenance 

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