4 Best Wine Boutiques in Sonoma

August 19, 2019


Explore four Sonoma wine boutiques that are well worth the visit

Wine boutiques are a dime a dozen in Sonoma Valley, which means it can be difficult to sift through the endless array of options to find the real treasures. If you’re looking for a new wine boutique to try on your next trip to Sonoma, the following four options are sure to be a hit with up-and-coming wine lovers and veteran vino connoisseurs alike.

Favero Vineyards

In 1992, Fred Favero turned his dreams into reality by planting three acres of grapes in Sonoma Valley. Four years later, Fred turned an underground cave on the property into an onsite facility to hold his premier wines. He then turned his attention to perfecting sangiovese, a fine wine made from a red Italian grape. His eponymous property, Favero Vineyards, is now recognized for its 2013 Estate Sangiovese ($35), which contains notes of rose petals, coffee, cedar, and dark chocolate balanced with spice and oak. Favero Vineyards also sells Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Monte di Sassi. The boutique is open by appointment only.

Three Sticks Wines

Three Sticks Wines is located in a historic Vallejo-Casteñada Adobe in downtown Sonoma that is one of the community’s only remaining structures from California’s Mexican period. And the wines are just as special as the location. The boutique offers a Taste of Three Sticks option (where guests can choose between a current release tasting or seasonal white wine sampling for $50) and a Blind Tasting option (available for club members for $35). Three Sticks Wines also offers food and wine pairings and private luncheons in conjunction with El Dorado Kitchen.


Named after Dr. Pangloss, the perennial optimist in Voltaire’s Candide novel who believed that mankind lives in the best of all possible worlds, this wine boutique celebrates the best of Sonoma by crafting high-quality wines. Inspired by a minimalist, old-school approach, winemaker Erich Bradley uses only hand-picked, hand-sorted grapes and French oak barrels to create small, complex batches of wine. Made at the Moon Mountain Vineyard and aged in barrels tucked into natural rock caves, Pangloss offers its portfolio of wines (including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir) at Pangloss Cellars Tasting Lounge in Sonoma.


Located in the Sonoma Plaza, the intimate Walt tasting room was inspired by an art gallery. Radiating warmth and charm, the venue is staffed with an attentive staff eager to guide visitors through a portfolio of standout Pacific Coast wines. Reservations are required for groups of six or more as well as for any weekend tasting. Options include the Single Vineyard Experience, which explores Walt’s vineyard Pinot Noirs ($60), and the Current Release Tasting, which highlights a Chardonnay and four Pinot Noirs ($30).

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