4 Wine Storage Trends We’re Seeing in Luxury Homes

February 26, 2019

Learn how luxury homeowners are incorporating wine storage into their house plans.

Wine presentation is always a popular topic when it comes to luxury homes, and wine cellars and rooms are a frequently sought-after amenity. Let’s discuss some of the ways luxury homeowners are incorporating wine storage into their house plans. By following these four layout ideas, you can achieve the perfect wine storage design that is both functional and makes a statement.

1. High-Tech Wine Rooms

With technology advancing in every area of the home, it’s no surprise that wine cellars now have high-tech capabilities. Luxury homeowners should consider the addition of a tech-savvy wine cellar to their smart homes.
There are a variety of ways a techy wine room can be designed. For example, to enter the cellar, a tamper-proof biometric entry system can be programmed to restrict access to certain individuals. Responsive cameras can monitor activity in and around the wine cellar, giving owners updates via apps or text messages when someone has entered or departed. Some wine rooms are even equipped with RFID bottle authentication.

2. Interior Design 

Wine cellars have two functions in luxury homes. First, the space must properly store and preserve the product. Second, the bottles should be showcased. There are many ways to celebrate a collection of wine, and one is through thoughtful design elements. Whether you choose rich mahogany wood to decorate the floors, rare marble to line the countertops, or a piece of statement art to draw in guests, be sure to think about showstopping design styles that will create an ambiance around your wine selection. 

3. Wine Lounge

Create the ultimate wine escape by adding a wine lounge to your already decked-out cellar. Adding a space to relax, socialize, and enjoy your wine will greatly increase the quality and functionality of the area. Consider installing a bar, custom furniture, or a proper seating area to complete your wine lounge.

4. Entertainment Elements

Utilize entertainment additions to enhance the area. Luxury homeowners want to enjoy their wine cellars, and some choose to upgrade the space by purchasing a pool table or showcasing a library near or in their wine room. With a built-in spot, homeowners can spend leisure time in a welcoming area.

By upgrading your traditional cellar, you’ll be able to protect your wine investment and increase the value of your home while also creating a spectacular space that you’ll want to share with others. If you’re considering moving into a luxury home with the perfect wine storage features, let's chat. It would be my pleasure to assist you in finding the home of your dreams.


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