5 Best Wine Delivery Services

June 25, 2020

How to enjoy old favorites or discover new flavors from your doorstep

Having wine delivered to your home was once a matter of convenience. Now, in the wake of social distancing measures, replenishing your home’s wine supply via a subscription or delivery service is a luxury and one to strongly consider as we effectively do our part to stay home. With a growing landscape of options—from personalized boxes tailored to your tastes to cases from your favorite Napa and Sonoma Valley vineyards—there couldn’t be a better time to shift your regular wine shopping to an online delivery service. As we continue to stay home, there are a number of excellent services to consider, so here are our top recommendations for every taste and preference.


Offering the world’s largest selection of wines for delivery straight to your door, Wine.com is the perfect option for those seeking the broad choices available at your local wine store from an online provider. Since its founding in 1998, Wine.com has been modernizing the way people discover, purchase, and enjoy wine for over 20 years and, thanks to its strong relationships with wineries around the world, Wine.com shoppers have unmatched access to everything from big-name, critically-acclaimed wines to small-batch, unique bottles from all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for a wine from an obscure region, craving a specific varietal, or feeling like switching up your go-to house wine, Wine.com’s selection offers thousands of options at every price point alongside expert advice to help you choose.

When exploring the site, you’ll find the platform has filter, sort settings, and professional ratings to help guide you, as well as a recommendation engine and live chat with wine experts if you need support in finding an old favorite or discovering something new. Each wine webpage also offers details on the flavor notes and best food pairings specific to that wine, as well as critic reviews and background on the winery that provides a look at where the wine comes from. Each page also breaks down the specifics of the varietal—all working to educate you while you shop. Wine.com manages its own orders and fulfillment, ensuring quality packing and service for every order, and delivery is arranged around your schedule, allowing you to choose the date based on your availability.


Winc was founded in 2012 with the mission to make wine more accessible. Its founders saw a need to create a wine delivery service that made enjoying wine easier by making it simpler to get, so it partnered with winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith to build a wine club that quickly evolved into a California-based winery with an online membership experience—Winc. While wine can be considered one of life’s simple pleasures, it can be a difficult space to break into and the intimidation of selecting the correct varietal for your tastes or pairing correctly with a meal can be too intimidating for some to want to try. Winc is dedicated to breaking down those barriers and providing its members with the access and education they need to make enjoying wine hassle-free—including the fact that they deliver to your doorstep.

The Winc process begins with a Palette Profile questionnaire, a survey of six questions that help the site assess each shopper’s unique tastes. Evaluating your taste for salt, sweetness, earthiness, and citrus as well as gauging your appetite for adventure and preference of white, red, or both, the quiz builds a list of recommendations just for you. If one of the four wines does not appeal to you or you’d like to swap out for a different varietal, price point, or flavor profile, you can easily do so. From your personalized cart, you can click each recommended wine to learn more about it, including a full description of the winery that it comes from as well as a sliding scale of how strong the earth, sweet, or wood notes are, food pairing suggestions, member ratings, and characteristics specific to that wine—body, sweetness, alcohol content, and details surrounding the winemaking, for example, if it is vegan, sustainable, low-sulfur, low-sugar, or eco-friendly. Recommendations and shipments come monthly, but members have the freedom to skip or cancel free of charge at their leisure.


Founded on a true passion for the towns, regions, and stories behind every glass of wine, Vinebox is a premium membership that delivers the tradition of wine tasting to your home every season. Vinebox is designed to encourage you to try a range of wines before committing to the whole bottle, helping members expand their horizons, try something they otherwise might not, and experience a range of high-end wines every quarter.

The best part about Vinebox is that every delivery features exclusive, hand-picked wines from the best wineries around the world that simply aren’t available at your local store. From old-world vineyards you might stumble across on a backroad trip through Tuscany to little-known varieties from Slovenia, Vinebox sources beyond fancy wine shops and the big cities’ most-upscale restaurant wine rooms to bring unique, individually-packaged glasses of wine to its members. Vinebox offers a variety of different options to suit your personal preferences, including a “Taste of Italy” box, a “Taste of France” selection, a “White Spectrum” box made up of a range of white wine varietals from crisp to rich, and the popular “Vineyard Fresh” seasonal edition complete with new vintages and fresh releases from top Vinbox curated vineyards.


Those seeking to make every night a celebration need not look further than Fatcork, a wine delivery service focused exclusively on bringing the best undiscovered Champagnes from France to the U.S. Offering a stock of premium Champagnes, including rosé varietals, Fatcork carefully curates its selection to expose its clients to new and little-known French Champagne makers. Whether you need some bubbly for a special occasion, are celebrating a milestone, are looking to send a bottle as a gift, or simply want to spice up a night in, Fatcork can provide expert advice to pair you with the perfect Champagne based on appearance, taste, and nose.

Complementing its à la carte ordering, Fatcork also offers a membership option. Delivered quarterly, each shipment includes a selection of the finest grower Champagne from its namesake region of France and you can customize your delivery to include three, four, or six bottles that are all hand-picked and curated around a unique tasting theme. In addition to elevating every occasion with the help of bubbly, Fatcork is dedicated to providing education along with each delivery with expert information to explain the tasting theme and help you get to know each bottle before you enjoy it. FC Club Membership pricing ranges from $199 to $349 a quarter.

Bounty Hunter

Based right here in Wine Country, Bounty Hunter has a unique appreciation and taste for exceptional wines. Since opening in 1994, Bounty Hunter has specialized in bringing the best of California’s wine region to its loyal and dedicated customers by leveraging the special access to Napa Valley’s best winegrowers, wineries, and winemakers the team has developed over the years. If you need an expert opinion, you can trust Bounty Hunter, whose merchants and vintners taste between five and six thousand wines every year. With this kind of first-hand experience, Bounty Hunter offers unparalleled insight into California’s Wine Country and the world’s greatest and most exclusive wines with the knowledge to provide you with the perfect pairing for your tastes, budget, and preferences.

Bounty Hunter’s curated catalog of wines is updated twice a year to align with the release of new wines and is an impressive resource for both wine aficionados and more casual imbibers. All wines are available for delivery to your home, making Bounty Hunter’s seemingly endless collection of high-quality wines available to you anytime, anywhere. You can feel the Bounty Hunter team’s passion for wine shine through the dedication of its Scouts, team members committed to fulfilling your every wine- and spirit-related need. Whether you need to track down a hard-to-find rarity or are looking for a gift to mark a special occasion, Bounty Hunter’s Scouts work tirelessly from sourcing to importing to packing and shipping to ensure your every need is met with the utmost quality of service. Bounty Hunter also has wine and spirit clubs that deliver curated boxes to your door either quarterly or monthly depending on your preference.

Check Your Local Winery Website

Finally, be sure to check out your favorite Napa and Sonoma Valley wineries’ websites to see if they are delivering during this time. If you know what you like, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to it, and it’s more important than ever to support local businesses. Whether they publicize it or not on their sites, you can always give them a call and work to find a solution to continue enjoying the best Wine Country has to offer from the comfort of your home.


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