5 Hot New Architectural Trends

July 12, 2014

The construction industry is experiencing steady growth in new home sales across the nation, which brings to light hot new architectural trends. I’ve uncovered the 5 top architectural trends homebuyers are looking for today:

1. Tranquility

Don’t we all want a little peace and tranquility where we live? Think spa bathrooms featuring luxury high-end showers, large enough to do your Yoga stretches.

2. Kitchens as the focal point

Experts say homebuyers are looking for homes where the kitchen is the focal point. Think open floor designs to create a place where family members can multitask, gathering not only for meals but also where parents can help children with their homework while cooking.

Homebuyers today are drawn to more traditional style architecture. Take the popular European Traditional. They have the large porches, front columns and detailed gables that are back in vogue.

4. Energy efficient designs

Energy efficient home designs, called passive homes, are built to suit the particular client where they are located. For example, a house built in a windy climate would have a pitched roof to make use of wind power. Check out more details in the Passive House Institute U.S.

5. Multi-generation households

More households in the U.S. today are catering to multi-generational families. That means more flex rooms designed to offer privacy to every family member, from parents and grandparents to children.

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