6 Luxury Home Improvements that Impress Homebuyers

December 27, 2018

Check out these luxury home improvements that can boost your property’s value.

Whether you’re on the hunt for amenities that you yourself can enjoy or you’re hoping to impress potential homebuyers with state-of-the-art perks, there are many luxury home improvements that can boost your property’s value. I’ve gathered the six best upgrades from this year. Check them out!

1. Indoor Bar

If you enjoy going out for high-end cocktails, why not offer the same experience within the comfort of your own home? Between polished decor, sparkling appliances, and a top-shelf liquor collection, you’ll be well on your way to delivering your very own quality bar atmosphere.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen is one of the best additions to a luxury home. Affluent buyers are interested in a cooking space outside for many reasons, including expanding living space and creating an area to entertain guests. 

There are many ways to design an outdoor kitchen. Everything from lighting and appliances to cabinets and flooring must be carefully considered to best meet the needs of your home and ideal buyer.

3. Home Theater

A home theater is a luxury property must-have. This addition will allow potential buyers to enjoy a sublime movie watching experience. A movie room also provides homeowners with the superior space to play games, listen to music, and entertain guests. Make sure to include high definition audio and video when installing your home theater.

4. Smart Technology

As technology advances, smart appliances become an even more essential feature that home buyers are searching for. Smart home technology can be added to any home with a smart thermostat, refrigerator, doorbell, home monitoring system, bed, and even electronic home personal assistant.

5. Sauna or Steam Room

Saunas and steam rooms are key amenities that buyers hope to see in a home. Between the health benefits and destressing qualities of saunas and steam rooms, this addition is highly sought-after for those who live an active lifestyle and like to relax.

6. Heated Floors

Heated floors are the perfect add-on to any luxury home, particularly in the bathroom. If you’re interested in adding heated flooring throughout the house, start with tiled areas, as they’re typically cooler than the rest of the home.

It’s possible to incorporate luxury home renovations to your space. Whether you’re ready to sell now or after some luxurious alterations, give me a ring. I’d be happy to assist you when considering what additions are best for you home and guide you through the home selling process.


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