7 Reasons to Love Napa in the Wintertime

December 26, 2018


Check out these seven reasons to book your trip to Napa in the winter.

Every year, wine lovers come together to enjoy great scenery and even better drinks in Napa, California. Although tourism in the Napa area typically peaks in the fall, I’ve found that one of the best times to visit the valley is in the winter. Here are seven reasons you should make the trip.

1.  Stunning Scenery

As the weather cools down in the valley, the scenery becomes even more spectacular. Rolling hills are covered in vibrant, lush greenery, providing a breathtaking contrast against the naked vines. Additionally, cooler temperatures cause fog to develop across the landscape, and it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll spot a rainbow.

2.  Mustard Mania

You probably come to Napa for wine—not mustard—but don’t throw out the idea just yet. Mustard plants bloom in late January, covering fields with their bright yellow flowers. The vibrant color makes for an incredible sight and an extremely Instagram-worthy scene.

3. Cozy and Comfortable

After a day of tastings and sightseeing in the crisp winter air, cuddle up in front of the fireplace to stay cozy and warm. During this time of year, there are many holiday and winter events to attend in the evening, too.

4.  Fewer Crowds

Seeing as winter is Napa’s off-season, there will be fewer tourists crowding the wineries, restaurants, and sights. What does this mean for you? You’ll likely get the undivided attention of your host, which may even lead to more sips of wine!

5. Reservations Are Optional

It’s always a good idea to reserve your tour or tasting at a winery, but during the wintertime, you might not need to. During this time of year, you could pop in for a last minute tasting or make a reservation and end up having the space all to yourself.

6. Fewer Fees

In the wintertime, it’s not unusual to find significant deals on airfare, lodging, and other accommodations. Plus, wineries may also offer additional discounts to their pricing during the winter off-season.

7.  Cabernet Season

Last—but certainly not least—winter in Napa is Cabernet season. Enjoy a hearty meal with a glass of cabernet sauvignon for a flavorful treat you won’t soon forget. Here are some of the best meal and wine pairings in Napa.

Between the unbeatable scenery, delicious wine, and community full of events, your travels to Napa may convince you to stay. If you’re hoping to find a home of your own in Napa, reach out. It would be my pleasure to pair you with the home of your dreams.


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