9 Napa Businesses Giving Back to the Community

June 29, 2020

Napa is filled with compassionate and generous individuals who, now more than ever, have come together to support each other. Here are a few ways that Napa businesses are giving back during this difficult time

Napa Valley has faced difficult times during the COVID-19 outbreak due to restrictions on travel. According to Visit Napa Valley, the tourism industry accounts for nearly 16,000 jobs in the Valley—each of which has been somehow impacted by the pandemic. Our community has pulled together in support, and these nine establishments have donated both time and money to bolster our neighborhoods and give back.


Since 1999, Gott’s has been a California roadside staple, and now this Napa Valley establishment is putting employees first by donating 100% of its sales from all seven Gott’s roadside locations to current employees. In cooperation with Feed the Line, Gott’s is also helping feed frontline healthcare workers in the Bay Area who have seen the brunt of this pandemic.

In Napa Valley, stop by Gott’s in St. Helena and in Napa at the Oxbrow Public Market for their dine out services or to purchase a gift card. Their upscale take on American cuisine is familiar and fresh. Try their California Burger with a fried egg, cream cheese, arugula, balsamic, onions, mayonnaise, and Zoe’s bacon or go for their chicken schnitzel sandwich. If you prefer something on the lighter side, opt for one of their crisp salads and add a side of fresh veggies and hummus or sweet potato fries. They also offer vegetarian substitutions on some items, like swapping one of their vegetarian-fed Niman Ranch Angus beef burgers for a veggie burger or an Impossible Burger. Gott’s has served the Napa area for more than twenty years, and they are continuing to do so despite these current hardships.

Napa Valley College

Although students throughout the country have had their academic environments drastically changed this semester, Napa Valley College is still finding a way to assist those in need. By donating ventilators to the California Governor's Office of Emergency Supplies, Napa Valley College has joined over twenty California community colleges making donations to help the fight against COVID-19. Because of the nature of COVID-19 and how it attacks the respiratory system, ventilators are a key medical tool that can help patients with severe cases of the illness continue to breathe. This donation of immeasurable significance will directly benefit California residents in their battle against COVID-19.

Heitz Cellar

This family-owned winery and vineyard has been an integral part of Napa Valley since its opening in 1961. Heitz Cellar is known for its exemplary vintage wines, crafting each wine organically. Heitz Cellar is certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers—they emphasize sustainable practices and moving toward biodynamic farming practices. Their commitment to sustainability surpasses their winemaking philosophy. Each Heitz Cellar employee will continue to receive their full salary as detailed before California’s shelter-in-place orders were established. Following CDC and World Health Organization protocols is vital to securing the safety of our neighbors, and Heitz Cellar’s dedication to their employees showcases our community’s commitment to stand by each other in times of hardship. Additionally, Heitz Cellar will be donating nearly $10,000 of beef by working with Abode Service Napa, The Table Napa, and The Salvation Army to distribute 500 pounds of Angus beef to local charities.

PlumpJack Collection of Wineries

In 1992, PlumpJack Winery was established in Oakville, California, and, since then, this collection has expanded to include CADE Estate Winery and 13th Vineyard in Angwin as well as Odette Estate Winery in Napa. In response to new COVID-19 regulations, this collection of wineries has donated 10% of all online sales between March 23rd and April 3rd to their displaced employees who, due to health and safety restrictions, are currently unable to work. Additionally, PlumpJack helped customers by providing $1 shipping on online purchases of six or more wine bottles throughout the month of March.

Each winery in the PlumpJack collection is dedicated to providing the highest tier of hospitality, helping patrons make memories that last a lifetime. Their loyalty to their employees reflects their high standards and affection for our Northern California community. The PlumpJack Collection of Wineries was initially founded by Gordan Getty and now Governor Gavin Newsom. Their leadership during this time is admirable and undeniably generous.

La Toque Restaurant

Located in The Westin Verasa, this Michelin-starred restaurant has amped up its volunteering in recent weeks. Although La Toque has volunteered at the South Napa Homeless Shelter for the past six months, they have increased their charity as the need for the shelter has risen exponentially. To protect the health of both employees and diners, La Toque has discontinued all dine-in services until shelter-in-place mandates are lifted, but their volunteer work keeps them busy because they are now serving hot meals every single day at the shelter.  By using food from local food banks as well as surplus market goods from the farmer’s market on Saturdays, La Toque has made it possible to craft banquet-style meals in the shelter kitchen. They are providing nutritious lunches to as many people as possible and, with the help of others, will continue their efforts. Donations toward their efforts can be made directly to La Toque through their online portal.

Round Pond Estate

Round Pond Estate Winery specializes in Cabernet Sauvignon, and a visit to their beautiful grounds often means partaking in a delicious tasting of food and wine pairings. In response to COVID-19, Round Pond Estate is donating produce directly from their gardens to local food banks. This produce is typically reserved for crafting mouthwatering artisanal charcuterie boards to accompany wine tastings, but instead will be available to the public through their generous donations.

Round Pond Estate is also shifting its operations to make enjoying their wine possible while sheltering in place. For Napa County residents, they will be offering curbside pickup and delivery services for online wine purchases. They are also offering online events, such as virtual cooking classes and virtual wine tastings so that everyone can enjoy a taste of Napa at home.

Cameo Cinema

In this time of uncertainty, one thing is sure: we have each other. For decades, movie theaters have been popular destinations for date nights and solo outings. Fortunately, Cameo Cinema recognizes the importance of entertainment and is bringing independent films directly to your home. By offering On Demand services, The Cameo is supporting independent filmmakers and film connoisseurs alike. Watch movies through Cameo Cinema by using Apple TV or Chromecast and a portion of the ticket sales will directly benefit The Cameo, so you can help support local independent cinema from the comfort of your own couch. Pop some popcorn, draw the blinds, and be transported to the world of cinema.

Hall Wines

Hall Wines is a family-owned winery with a history of community engagement. Their full-time employees are gifted 40 paid hours each year to locally volunteer, such as at homeless shelters, food banks, or nursing homes. This charitable spirit remains evident as Napa Valley faces a loss of tourism-related revenue and morale. With the cancellation of St. Helena’s traditional Easter egg hunt, Hall Wines came up with a fun way for people to enjoy the holiday while staying safe. Over 100 wine barrels were donated by the winery and painted to resemble colorful Easter eggs by local artists. These barrels were placed around town where children and families could ride bikes or walk to hunt for them while still maintaining proper social distancing. Additionally, Hall Wines will be offering a discount on online wine sales. Shoppers will receive 10% off any purchase, and purchases of three or more bottles of wine will be eligible for $1 shipping.

Napa Valley Distillery

This historic Napa Valley establishment has responded directly to the national shortage of sanitizers by doing what they do best: making alcohol. Instead of gin and whiskey like they typically craft, Napa Valley Distillery has shifted directions to produce 80 proof hand sanitizers from high proof grape and grain alcohols. These small-batch sanitizers are available for purchase online without a purchasing limit so that people can stock up while supplies last. Infused with aloe, lime and spearmint essential oils, and hydrogen peroxide, these stout sanitizers are sure to get the job done. Bulk orders can be accommodated for frontline healthcare professionals, and Napa Valley Distillery is giving their hand sanitizers to law enforcement officers for free.

Napa Valley is a community of creative, entrepreneurial people, and our spirit of togetherness shines despite the current circumstances. If you’re interested in learning more about Napa Valley real estate or Sonoma Valley real estate, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.


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