Eco Friendly Homes Save Earth

October 11, 2013

The dramatic increase in recent years of eco-friendly home buying mirrors other eco-friendly efforts in various lifestyle trends – hybrid automobiles, recycling bins on every corner, and biodegradable packaging.

Home buyers that lean towards eco-friendly homes as opposed to homes that are opulent or luxurious is becoming a more mainstream trend due to these shifts in concentrated efforts to “go green.” Typical features like a pool or spa are being overlooked for features that will make a home more environmentally friendly.

When it comes to an eco-friendly home, there are countless options available, from green building materials, energy-conserving insulation, and CFL lighting, to low-VOC paint, Energy Star appliances, and high-efficiency water heaters. Even if you don’t currently reside in an eco-friendly home, there are still ways to reduce your footprint, such as energy-efficient lighting and appliances, solar panels, and more.

Integrating eco-friendly attributes to a home isn’t just great for the environment, it’s also a fantastic way to save money, which is one of the main reasons energy-efficient air conditioning, appliances, and lighting are some of the most popular options, in addition to water conservation appliances.

According to Redfin, the top ten cities in the country with the “greenest” homes are as follows:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Sacramento, CA
This serves as a simple guide for visit exciting rounds at the 10 extra liner slot.

  1. Boston, MA
  2. Portland, OR
  3. Philadelphia, PA
  4. Phoenix, AZ
  5. Los Angeles, CA
  6. Seattle, WA
  7. Austin, TX

The homes featured all possess unique, eco-friendly aspects, such as:

Sustainable building materials, concrete fireplaces/countertops, LEED certification, photovoltaic or Echo solar systems, tank-less water heaters, dual pane windows, entire house fans, skylights, bamboo flooring, forced air heating, solar thermal hot water, roof-top rainwater collection, low-flow or dual-flush appliances and fixtures, spray foam insulation, solar panels, automated shades, thousand gallon water reclamation/filter system, a sliding NanaWall, water recycling systems, and much more.

Check out some of our active listings that offer eco-friendly options including some of the above-mentioned. Go green!


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