Hobby Vineyards: New Trend for Successful Business People

October 20, 2014

I just read a story in the Wall Street Journal about a trend for successful businesspeople to buy hobby vineyards after their illustrious careers. The story said most of the hobby vineyards are in Europe where these businesspeople can retire and bottle their own private-label brand. These former executives are not looking at winemaking to make a profit. Owning a vineyard offers them a place to escape and appreciate nature. It also gives them a new challenge and allows them to literally enjoy the fruits of their labor.

What these executives are experiencing in Europe is wild weather, hungry caterpillars, wild boar, deer and many other unknown things that can sour anyone on the hobby. Even as a leisure pursuit, winemaking requires significant commitment.

Take Nick Ferrand and his Italian wife, Margherita Gardella, for example, who bought a four-bedroom, three-bathroom 16th-century manor house in Morra, a tiny town in Italy’s Umbria region. Their dream property included a 1-acre vineyard with a 200-liter stainless-steel wine tank, bottles, corker and labels, plus an electric fence to keep wild boar and deer out.
Nick and his wife wanted a hobby vineyard to “go back to nature.” And that’s just what happened at their European vineyard. Recalling the time caterpillars infested his property, he said, “It was like having a sick child. You are there every day, brushing these caterpillars away and making sure they don’t eat the grapes.”

Wine lovers with their hobby vineyards in Napa or Sonoma Valley, however, say the experience is tremendously rewarding. Many of my friends and clients live on their own private vineyard; whether it’s just a few grape tendrils spilling over a trellis or acres of carefully tended vines. Our distinct microclimates and soils make the pursuit of the perfect wine a very rewarding one.

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Header Photo Source: spainisdelicious.com



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