September 23, 2014

There’s a new trend in high-end home listings today: luxury garages. They’re a must-have for many homeowners with classic car collections, and an increasingly important selling point for potential home buyers. In fact, garages have drastically changed over the past 10 years. They are no longer a space to just store a vehicle; they are a place to showcase a vehicle collection. 

Some luxury sellers feature the lavish walk-in closet or breathtaking views in their homes, but this California seller insisted on including his 2,200 square foot garage. The house comes with this custom built mechanized turntable to showcase a prized car. There’s enough room for five cars in the immaculate garage space.

This garage can actually hold up to 14 automobiles. Other amenities in this listing include an indoor rain forest, a spa pavilion, an indoor basketball court, and an elevator. The house does not come with the colorful classic beauties pictured here, but a buyer of this caliber will be happy to have the impeccable space for their own car collection.

Described as the ‘Ultimate Man Cave & Sports Car Showcase’, this garage was created with no expense spared. There are two floors and three garage bays in this indulgent garage. There’s even a car elevator that leads to a subterranean wine cellar, a spacious living area on the second floor with a kitchenette, and full bathroom.

This custom built home designed by renowned architect Richard Krantz has a nine-car subterranean garage. The seller boasts that his garage is actually an extension of the home’s total living space.

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