Most Unique Napa Valley Wineries

Ginger Martin  |  May 24, 2021

Napa Valley: the wine capital of America. Reds, whites, rosés, and beautiful vineyards in scenic mountain ranges. Napa is the ideal vacation destination, especially for those who imbibe

But with so many vineyards and experiences to choose from, how can anyone be expected to narrow it down? We’re here to make things easier for you with our list of the most unique Napa Valley wineries. So sit back, read on, and imagine yourself sitting (and sipping) in the Napa countryside.

Nickel and Nickel

Nickel and Nickel believes that no two vineyards—and no two wines—are alike. Each has its own look, feel, and personality. N&N specializes in cabernets, and its 49 acres are dedicated to producing unique, robust cabernets. A rustic farmhouse houses an incredibly sleek, modern winery dedicated to creating single-vineyard wines. Try their 2018 Nickel and Nickel Quarry Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon or their State Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon. Choose from either a 60-minute or 90-minute wine tasting experience to soak up the unique flavors of Nickel and Nickel. 


At Promontory Vineyard, winemaking is art. Since the 1980s, Willian Harlan and his family have strived to identify and cultivate land that “has a story to tell.” This rugged land—full of history and character—has produced unique wines for years. The vineyard is a modern homage to the ruggedness of its land. Wooden walls held up by sturdy steel pillars give the winery a sense of strength and utility. Visit the vineyard and taste their 2014 red, which blends “elegance and controlled strength” in beautiful harmony.

Round Pond Estate Winery

Round Pond is a premium cabernet sauvignon producer run by the second generation of the MacDonnell family. Located in the Rutherford region, Round Pond has access to some of the most coveted grapes in the entire area. The MacDonnells are known for their attention to detail and their dedication to tradition. Visit the vineyard and enjoy some wine accompanied by a custom-made cheese board. You could also tour the vineyard and then enjoy a custom paired wine and food experience. No matter what kind of visit you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the renowned Round Pond selection.

Frog’s Leap Winery

In the 1970s, John Williams discovered his love of wine. After taking a risk and deciding to open a winery, he worked his way up to acquire the historic Rossi Estate, where he and his family have made wine for over 40 years. John’s story (fully detailed on his website) is just as unique as his vineyard. Frog’s Leap farms organically, which means non-irrigated grapevines and a freshness you can taste. John believes that wine should reflect the soil’s health, which is how all of his wines are designed to taste—healthy. Their Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon is their prize-winning wine. Schedule an appointment for a private tasting or order a few bottles on their website. 

Vellum Wine Craft

At Vellum Wine, wine is considered an art. Karl Lehmann and Jeff Mathy began making wine together in 2003. Their 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon won several awards and skyrocketed them to the international stage. All Vellum grapes are handled by hand and harvested in French oak barrels. Vellum wines are known for their lower alcohol levels and lower acidity. Consider taking a visit (where you can taste with Karl and Jeff themselves!) or even joining their wine club! You could receive two or six-bottle shipments per month and bring Napa to your home.

Morlet Family Vineyards

Just north of St. Helena are the Morlet Family Vineyards, owned by Luc and Jodie Morlet. Best known for their Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, the Morlets practice “low-intervention” winemaking. Their wine is intense yet refined, and all of it is crafted via classic winemaking techniques from Burgundy and Bordeaux. Try their “Force de la Nature” Cabernet Franc or their “Mon Chevalier” Cabernet Sauvignon. If you book a private tasting in their grand tasting room, you’ll be sure to feel like you’re in the French countryside.  


Attune Vineyard is located in the southern section of the Sonoma Coast. Mike and Nancy Scribner discovered the land over ten years ago and have worked with other partners to create the 8.5-acre vineyard that exists today. Attune believes in listening to their intuition and their vines. They hand-pick their grapes and aim for “sophisticated elegance.” The vineyard is located just three miles from downtown Sonoma. Schedule a private tasting and then take advantage of the shops and restaurants downtown. Attune is perfectly located for a full weekend of wine and fun.


Founded in 1895, Larkmead is one of the oldest wineries in Napa Valley. Cam and Kate Salari Baker are the current owners. Their goal is to capture the vineyard’s historical essence while producing fresh new wine for a new generation of wine enthusiasts. A classic farmhouse houses a state-of-the-art winery where each unique blend is an homage to the grapes’ unique vines. The Larkmead team tastes all of their wines, making sure each selection lives up to their reputation. Follow the Silverado Trail to reach the vineyard, where you can schedule a private tasting in the gorgeous Sonoma countryside. 


Although a smaller option, Prime vineyard produces delicious wines from the Coombsville region. Winemaker Ted Henry has over 20 years of experience, which is evident in the way his Cabernet Sauvignon tastes—bright, unique, and fruit-forward. Prime’s wines are a more affordable option when compared to some of the other wineries in Napa, and the tasting room is conveniently located in downtown Napa! Stop in and taste away.

People’s Wine Revolution

At People’s Wine Revolution, couple Matt Reid and Marcy Webb produce delicious wines at an affordable price point. Determined to make good wine more accessible, they opened their vineyards in the early 2000s. They source grapes from a variety of vineyards and are known for their 2015 Petite Sirah, “Bea’s Knees.” While they don’t have a consistent tasting room, they are very accommodating if you reach out and ask for a private tasting.

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