Sonoma County's Premier Labor Day Weekend Event is Back!

August 16, 2016

As Labor Day is quickly approaching, we want to let everyone know about a few wonderful events coming up in Napa Valley and Sonoma County. My favorite time of year is just before crush. The grapes are at their fullest, the valleys are looking beautiful and the greatest events in Napa Valley and Sonoma County happen during the end of the summer. Check out the information below for the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend which includes a fabulous auction and wonderful events. If you are in the area and would like to look at luxury real estate call us! We have a plethora of gorgeous luxury real estate to show you. In the meantime, enjoy the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend.

Sonoma Harvest Wine Weekend is about to start! During labor day weekend in Sonoma County, you can choose to dine with winemakers of international acclaim, enjoy exquisitely prepared cuisine from local chefs, wine pairings, tastings, auction excitement, and even the tunes of rocking bands. After last years record-breaking charity wine auction extravaganza, raising up to$4.5 million, I can’t imagine what will happen this year to top that excitement.

Do you want to attend? Learn about the individual events, how much it will cost, and how to buy tickets. Now the power will be in your hands to enjoy Sonoma County’s premier wine event and immerse yourself in wine country celebration. Enjoy the freshest local ingredients and the company of Sonoma County’s charitable community!



Time: 12:30 PM
General admission: $85 per person
Reserve: N/A
Throughout Sonoma county, wineries are hosting events with locally prepared cuisine, wine pairings, and the opportunity to dine with winemakers responsible for some of the world’s most beloved Sonoma Wine.
Over 16+ wineries are hosting Winemaker lunches. Choose a winery to dine at and reserve your spot.

Time: 6:30PM – 10:00PM
General admission: $125
Reserve: $175
The weekend starts with decadent night under the big dipper. The stars make an already exquisite experience, by the poolside, unforgettable as you enjoy tasting a variety of wines from 25 Sonoma County wineries. See how to buy tickets for your night at Francis Coppola Winery.

Time: 6:00PM
General admission: $150
Reserve: N/A
Try out the classics of Sonoma wine culture yourself with an evening meal at one of Sonoma County’s wineries. Wine pairings with locally grown and prepared cuisine. It does not get any fresher. Choose to dine at any of these 7 wineries.

Last year the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction broke its previous records!

Saturday (September 3, 2016)

Time: 11:00AM – 4PM
General admission: $165
“Grand” Reserve: $195
Visa signature cardholders get a discount…
General admission: $135
“Grand” Reserve: $175
MacMurray Estates Vineyards hosts an event where Sonoma County’s best chefs, growers, and winemakers come to one place to eat, dine, and enjoy the region’s freshest and most delicious food.
200 wineries, 60 local chefs, and seminars/demonstrations over a wide breadth of topics about wine and food.
Time: 6:00PM
General admission: $150
Reserve: N/A
Another night of Sonoma wine culture, only available at Capo Creek Winery and Vineyards right now. Experiment, dine with great winemakers, and taste the perfect pairing magic of local chefs. Stay updated on the event here because wineries are being added daily.


Time: 12:30PM – 7PM
General admission: $500
Visa Signature Cardholders: $450
Named the “Top Three Charitable Wine Auction by Wine Spectator”, expect to see massive donations during this event that go directly to fundraisers like Fund the Future Children’s Literacy Initiative and more. When Fund the Future’s auction lot went up, the enthusiasm was described as “a wave of paddles rising throughout the tent for over 20 minutes from 180 auctions guests” and “Attendees stood and cheered at each successive bid”.  Sponsored by TricorBraun WinePak, attend this event at Chateau St. Jean, Kenwood and reserve your spot now.

Time: 12:30PM
General admission: $85
Celebrate Labor day style and enjoy the region's favorite grilled foods, and each winery is bringing their own personal spin on each dish. Wine, ribs, barbecue —is there any need to explain further! Get your spot if you see your self-eating barbecuing and enjoying perfectly paired wines under the Sonoma Sun.


Wineries, vineyards, and many of the Sonoma community come out to enjoy wine, food, and the extravagant living of Sonoma County. But that is secondary to the contributions charities receive from the people who attend, Vintner leaders who play important roles contributing and encouraging others to do the same, and the sponsors like Visa Signature who make charitable events like this possible.

Fund the Future helps many charities with the funds they receive and split it amongst these beneficiaries:
• Schools of Hope (United Way of the Wine Country)
• Pasitos Playgroups (Community Action Partnership)
• AVANCE (Community Action Partnership)
• Accelerated English Program (Healdsburg Education Foundation)
• Summer Reading and Writing Academy & Grade Level Proficiency Project (Sonoma Valley Education Foundation)

It is a great cause and a whole lot of fun. I hope to see you there.


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