Staging a Luxury Home to Sell

July 31, 2014


Selling to a high-end home buyer requires a different strategy when it comes to staging a luxury home. Here are some tips from leading luxury real estate stagers across the country that make sense for anyone selling their high-end home in Napa or Sonoma Valleys:

1.) Original artwork:

Nothing says luxury like original artwork. Home sellers can lease pieces directly from galleries that will give the listing a certain impact with potential buyers.

2.) Fabrics, finishes and linens:

Make sure your home is decked out in rich fabrics and luxurious bedding. Think high quality linens on the beds, plush Egyptian cotton towels and robes, and fresh smelling spa products in the bathrooms.

3.) Spotless garage:

Luxury homebuyers want the proper space for their luxury cars. Make sure the walls and ceiling are freshly painted, the floor is sealed and everything is put away neatly.

4.) Incorporate culture:

This is easily accomplished through the placement of musical instruments. A baby grand in the main room, violins or saxophones expertly situated in other rooms, create that air of culture luxury buyers are searching for.

5.) Highlight the lifestyle:

While it is recommended that sellers take down any personal photos, stagers of luxury homes say a select few vacation photos can add a personal touch. You don’t want to have family members in the photos, just some beautiful location shots.

6.) Non-matching furniture:

While you always want to make sure your furniture pieces complement each other, professional designers rarely decorate in sets. Instead, use integrated materials and styles that blend to create a cohesive space.

7.) Outdoor spaces and views:

Experts say luxury homebuyers aren’t just buying a space; they are purchasing a lifestyle. Buyers perceive value in two ways—location and size. Show off impressive views and utilize light colors to make your space appear even larger.

By using these luxury listing staging tips, you will have no problem selling your home to the most discerning of high-end buyers. If you are considering selling your estate in Napa or Sonoma valleys, visit the featured listings on my site to see how others are staging their luxury home to sell. I am happy to put my contacts in staging to work for you, socontact me at 415.516.3939 or via email at Meantime, make sure to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news in Napa and Sonoma valleys.



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