The Top 3 Most Exclusive Credit Cards

December 2, 2014

We all know that doors open wide with wealth and that includes the highly exclusive world of credit cards. The ultra-wealthy can enjoy some amazing perks like hotel upgrades and private airport lounges, to highly coveted private jet rides and vacation getaways. However, it takes more than a lot of money to get one of these cards. Many come only by invitation and cater only to the top 1% of the population, requiring at least six-figures a year. Here’s my list of the top three Exclusive Credit Cards in the World.

The original “black card” from American Express 

The original “black card” from American Express remains the number one most exclusive credit card in the world. It is so exclusive that American Express won’t even release the full details of how one becomes a cardholder. But I’ve managed to find a few:
  • You must have been an American Express Platinum cardholder for over one year.
  • You must also have charged at least $250,000 on the American Express Platinum card within one year.
  • After you have been deemed an established American Express cardholder you must still be invited to join the high rankings of American Express Centurion cardholders.
  • If you are lucky enough to be invited you will need to pay an initial fee of $5,000 and an annual fee of $2,500.
Some of the perks that make this worthwhile include:
  • A 24-hour American Express concierge.
  • Flight upgrades
  • Complimentary hotel rooms
  • Personal shoppers
  • The ability to shut down a luxury retail store so you can shop in privacy

NatWest Black MasterCard 

The spending limit on the NatWest Black MasterCard is $1.5 million. This is the card preferred by many because its annual fee is only $395 per year. Doors open to NatWest Black MasterCard holders with perks that include, travel accommodations, flight upgrades, and 24/7 concierge services.

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Coutts World Silk Card 

The Coutts World Silk Card is known for being England’s exclusive credit card. It is used by Queen Elizabeth II as well as about 100 other people who have at least $1 million in a Coutts account. Cardholders receive an extremely high annual percentage rate of 49.1%, 24/7 concierge service, access to exclusive airport lounges, and private shopping at designer stores.

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