The Ultra Luxe Holiday Gift Guide for Even the Most Discerning People on Your List

December 14, 2017

Choosing the perfect gift for the person who has everything can be incredibly difficult. With all life’s necessities taken care of, the best option is to choose something exquisitely extravagant. Here are unique gift ideas that would delight even the pickiest people on Christmas Day.

To’ak Chocolate - $270 per 50-gram bar

To’ak is made using cacoa produced by 100-year-old Ecuadorian Arriba trees that are so rare they were once believed to be extinct. The beans are dried and fermented over a meticulous two-year process before being packaged in attractive wooden boxes, with wooden tweezers provided to prevent the oils in your hands interfering with the taste.
And what a taste! To’ak is simultaneously rich, sweet, bitter, and slightly fruity, with a depth of flavor far beyond even high-end gourmet chocolates.
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HyperIce Vyper Foam Roller - $180

Many of us follow the festive season with a January dedicated to keeping fit. This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who is serious about sport or working out. A favorite of superstar athletes such as LeBron James and J.J. Watts, the HyperIce Vyper Foam Roller is the cutting edge and in post-exercise recovery. This flawlessly designed roller has three vibrating speeds, guaranteeing relief from even the deepest aches and pains following a workout session.
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Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum - $1800

Baccarat Pure Parfum is one of the world’s most exclusive scents, with only fifty bottles produced each year. The limited supply is a natural consequence of the incredible effort which goes into creating it. Each bottle requires the harvesting of 10,600 flowers during a two-week period each summer.
Influential fragrance maker Jean Patou first crafted this exquisite fragrance in 1931. It remains a masterpiece of elegance and simplicity, with its floral bouquet blending the scents of Bulgarian rose, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose, and Grasse Jasmine.
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OROGOLD 24K Cleopatra Nano Regime - $8000

The three products comprising OROGOLD’s opulent cosmetics set offer a modern-day take on the incredibly lavish skincare routine of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra.
The gold-infused 24K Cleopatra Nano Silk Cream promises to revitalize skin by reducing wrinkles and reigniting the golden glow of youth. The 24K Cleopatra Nano Serum further diminishes wrinkles and lends skin a smooth complexion. The collection’s most luxurious item is eight envelopes containing four gold sheets, which promise to give skin a timeless regal radiance.
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Cartier LOVE Bracelet – from $4,050 to $10,800

Available in white, pink, or yellow gold, Cartier’s LOVE Bracelet collection is a distinctive symbol of affection. The collection includes beautiful bracelets studded with aquamarines, sapphires, spinels, or diamonds. These chic bracelets were first created in 1970s New York. For almost half a century, Cartier’s LOVE bracelets have been an opulent expression of passion and romance.
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Highway 29 Cabernet Sauvignon – Prices vary

Highway 29 winds through the beautiful rolling hillsides of the Napa Valley, the heart of Californian wine country. The soil and climate that graces the vineyards along Highway 29 creates the perfect conditions for resilient and evenly-ripened harvests, consistently leading to some of the world’s most elegantly balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. While the precise notes vary from vintage to vintage, Highway 29 Cabernet typically boasts an incredibly rich depth of flavor and a wonderful balance of intensity, acidity, and structure. Any wine connoisseur of your gift list will heartily approve of this magnificent Cabernet.
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Apple Watch Series 3 with Hermes Strap - $1,399

Apple’s latest smartwatch represents the best of both tech and convenience. This smartwatch is waterproof at up to 50 meters and records performance and movement across a range of sports and activities. It also allows your giftee to discreetly receive calls or messages on the watch face without the need for a connected iPhone. Adding a chic Hermes strap gives the Apple Watch a refined quality, blending the finest modern technology with classic style.
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Amazon Echo Show

In case you thought the Amazon Echo couldn’t get any better, Alexa is definitely proving you wrong! Introducing the Amazon Echo Show with a brand new, built-in screen. Now with the capability of watching videos, checking out home security footage or condensing all of your shopping lists into one, user friendly platform, this Alexa update will not disappoint! 
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Gratitude Glass Jar

With 365 cards, there is no end to the amount of gratitude you can express with this unique and special gift! Perfect for the whole family, this jar allows each family member to take turns writing down what he or she is most grateful for – read them aloud at your family holiday party next year and share in all of the good feelings life has to offer! 
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