What's Your Favorite Interior Design Trend of 2017?

May 1, 2017

Here are spring design trends you can easily incorporate into your home. Freshen up space with bright and inviting décor befitting the new season. What's your favorite interior design trend of 2017? 

Add Greenery

While adding plants to indoor spaces is always a good design idea, we’re actually referring to the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery –a fresh and cheery yellow- green hue that evokes spring’s spirit of renewal and revival. While you don’t have to commit to the trend by turning your wall color green, easily brighten up your rooms by way of green rugs, cushions, throws or vases and other kinds of glassware in the kitchen. 

Be Opulent

Don’t go so far as turning your home into a lavish, Las Vegas penthouse suite, unless that’s your style. By this I mean adding touches of glamor to your home. Add lush velvets, mirrored surfaces and lots of stone and metal accents. For instance, spruce up your baths and kitchens with marble and brass details through fixtures, knobs, kitchenware and ornaments. The combination of clean and white marble with the hard, industrial finish of brass will successfully create a look of luxury. 

Go Tropical

A great transitional trend that will have your perfectly prepped for the summer, tropical prints is a fun design idea you can also enjoy in the spring. Think large ferns, whimsical botanical prints, and pineapples –like a vacation in Miami or Palm Springs. Again, you don’t have to cover your walls with the exuberant print. Try pops of tropical prints via pillow cushions, artwork, photography and lots of indoor greeneries.

Pay Tribute to 80’s Pop

Turn to the 80’s for some inspired design ideas packed with primary colors and edgy geometrics. Try to project a youthful energy without having to replicate a Madonna album cover or making your room look like a teenager lives in it. Reserve the design trend for accessories such as ceramics with graphic prints, pillows and throws with clashing patterns and framed pop art photography.

Invest in Artisanal Furniture

Add lots of character to your spaces with one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces. Well-made furniture pieces that effortlessly showcase exquisite craftsmanship, quality materials, artistic aesthetics and a high level of skill in producing them make great investments too. These pieces of art can be in the form of a coffee table made from recycled wood or an armchair made from handwoven rattan or bamboo.

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