The accommodations simply ooze luxury and the spas will keep your mind and body at ease. Whether you’re in town for a short visit, or just want to get away from our home nearby, there are a number of world-class hotels and spas within the valleys.

Welcome to St. Helena

St. Helena is touted as ‘Napa Valley’s Main Street’. It is one of the wine region’s most charming and vibrant communities that attract travelers from around the world, and serves as a hub for many visitors. It revels in its wonderful wine, lively arts, music, lavish restaurants, boutique shopping, and warm hospitality which makes it a premier destination for people looking to experience all that Napa Valley has to offer. All these reasons make it easy to see why St. Helena luxury real estate is in a league of its own.


The Winemaking

The city began as a center of agriculture in Northern California nearly two centuries ago. Today the city has developed extensively and paralleled the growth in the area's wine industry. In addition to housing some fantastic wineries and vineyards, St. Helena also houses much of the financial infrastructure that keeps the local wine industry moving.

Winemaking in St. Helena began in the 19th century, and the history of wine is ubiquitous throughout the town. St. Helena is home to a number of wineries, which range from the well-known Sutter Home and Louis Martini, to Napa Valley’s oldest continuously operating winery, Beringer Vineyards. It also houses dozens of smaller, yet award-winning vineyards waiting to be enjoyed.

Local Amenities

The streets are lined with quaint shops that have much to offer. These galleries and boutiques allow St. Helena to keep its idyllic, small-town charm, but at the same time ooze a subtle sophistication. Moreover, the town’s main thoroughfare is home to a number of historic buildings, such as the Culinary Institute of America which is housed in a long-standing stone building—the Culinary Institute also offers a delicious tasting bar and classes to those interested. Even though St. Helena is as tranquil as they come, if you find yourself in need of some much-needed relaxation St. Helena has several spas such as Meadowood Napa Valley.


Why Buying St. Helena is Right for You

St. Helena also has a rich community outside of the wine and tourism industry and nearly 6,000 people are happy to call this town home. St. Helena has clean streets, safe neighborhoods, and great schools. The residents and local government have made a concerted effort to have St. Helena retain its beautiful charm while housing more of the livelier parts of Napa Valley. In fact, the town is so alluring many tourists have a hard time deciding to leave themselves.

The town is larger than many others in the valley, which means there are more properties than neighboring towns. St. Helena additionally boasts some of the most exquisite estate property in the region, with incredible views of the valley.

Ginger is a proven expert on finding luxury St. Helena real estate. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in St. Helena, look no further and contact Ginger today.

Hotels, Resorts & Spas

The world class hotels and spas in Napa and Sonoma will make your time in wine country unforgettable. The accommodations simply ooze luxury and the spas will keep your mind and body at ease. Whether you’re in town for a short visit, or just want to get away from our home nearby, there are a number of world-class hotels and spas within the valleys.

Our Favorite Restaurants

Napa and Sonoma counties have developed a renowned culinary scene to complement this famous wine-growing region. Talented, celebrity chefs have made their way to California wine country in order to bring their dishes to the posh tourists and locals.

Wine Tasting & Culture

Napa and Sonoma are synonymous with wine. The perfect climate and location has been producing world-class wine for many years and has made it a sought after travel destination. So when a visitor comes to California’s wine country, you can bet they’re looking to taste as much local wine as they can. Fortunately, with the hundreds of wineries in the region, there are plenty of options.
The majority of wineries will offer tasting of their products, in addition to tours of their facilities. However, because of the wide array of wineries in terms of size and scope, they operate differently from one another. Some manufacturers like Robert Mondavi are open daily, offer guided tours, and have rooms set aside for tasting top-notch wine. Smaller wineries, on the other hand, usually require appointments for tours to be made so that they are not overburdened by visitors, so it is suggested that if you are interested in visiting a particular winery to schedule a tour ahead of time if needed.

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

If you’re looking for leisure, Napa and Sonoma are home to a number of world-class golf clubs. With the wonderful weather and well to do locals, golf is a natural fit for the area. The courses are found in several locales including public and private courses, country clubs, and resort-based courses.
The most popular and renowned courses include Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa, Eagle Vines Vineyards also in Napa, Silverado Resort’s course in Napa, Vintners Golf Club in Yountville, and Napa Valley Country Club.
Overall, the counties of Napa and Sonoma do a superb job of facilitating community outreach, business development and tourism.

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