4 Ways to Elevate Your Wine Cellar

September 19, 2019


From lighting to temperature regulation, take your wine cellar to the next level with these four tips

Known as one of the leading wine regions in the world, Napa Valley is a dream destination for any wine lover. If you want to stock up on extra bottles of your favorite vintages, you can stow them in a wine cellar for optimal keeping. Designed to regulate the temperature and humidity that your bottles are exposed to in order to prevent them from spoiling, wine cellars are a must for serious oenophiles. Here are four ways you can elevate the wine cellar in your home.

Change the flooring

Turn an outdated wine cellar into a modern entertaining space by redoing the flooring. Popular flooring choices for wine cellars include sealed hardwood, stone, cork, and porcelain, but if you have another preference, talk with your contractor to find out if it’s a good option. Selecting the right flooring will help protect your wine from spoiling.

Switch up the lighting

Lighting can make or break a space. Soft lighting will make your wine cellar feel warm and accessible. Whether you choose a chandelier for a statement piece or sconces for the walls, think about how the lighting will change the look and feel of your wine cellar. Because light and heat can affect wine’s flavor, even though it’s bottled, it’s important to use lower-watt bulbs and lighting. Turn off the lights each time you leave the cellar to let the wines rest in utter darkness. If you want to age your wine for extended periods, invest in UV-resistant doors to filter out light from other rooms in your home.

Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity

Wine cellars should be kept between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (although 55 degrees is generally considered to be the optimal temperature). It’s also vital to pay attention to the humidity as mold can form and contaminate the bottle if the cellar is too humid. Humidity should be kept between 50% to 70%, with many wine experts recommending 60% as the ideal. 

Invest in new racks

Breathe fresh life into an old-fashioned wine cellar by switching up the wine racks or adding some if the old space doesn’t have any. From inexpensive do-it-yourself racks to custom-made racks created by wine specialists, there are a number of styles available to match your preferences and collection size.

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